Studio bro.Kat was founded in 2010 by Roma Skuza and Bogna Polanska. In our work we deal with architecture, interior design, scenography, exhibitions, installations, as well as product. Our projects have won prizes and awards in several competitions, and have been published both nationally and internationally. We have experience in working with both private clients, companies and public institutions. In our work we look for functional, non-standard and surprising solutions. We carry out projects working with proven contractors, and actively participate in the implementation of investments.

The name of the studio is a transformation of the first syllables of our first names (Bogna, Roma) and the name of the city where we live and work - Katowice. Their combination creates the word bro.Kat, associated with something shimmering, decorative. Brocade is a direct reference to "black gold," as coal is called in Silesia. The region's wealth was once built on it; today, with its role as a fossil fuel declining, we are trying to rediscover it in our design activity by creating a collection of jewelry made of coal - Hochglance, which we have introduced for permanent sale.

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