Interroom.Studio translated as "between rooms" is created by Aleksandra Niewczas-Marek. The designer graduated from the Higher School of Ecology and Management in Warsaw, majoring in Interior Design with an engineering degree. When designing, she is mainly guided by the client's expectations, trying to fully satisfy their needs. He values good cooperation with the client. He makes full use of his sense of aesthetics, loves eclecticism, timelessness and, of course, functionality. Good craftsmanship and natural materials. He pays special attention to detail, as beauty is in the details. Interweaving the new with the old in an interior, combining textures and colors.

"I have an open head full of ideas and am very sensitive to what is beautiful. Design comes to me quite easily, a good spatial imagination helps me. Ever since I was a child I have been passionate about drawing and designing spaces - I will cite the popular game The Sims, in which the task was to create families and apartments, for me the latter part was completely enough, I created house after house and it gave me the most fun! Privately, I am a wife and mother. I love animals, nature and travel - these have been an integral part of my life for more than a dozen years. For 13 years of my life I was involved in modeling. I have lived on many continents and visited many countries. It was travel that strongly shaped my perception of the world and life. They opened my eyes and mind. I have encountered extreme poverty and wealth, so I try to make the most of what I have and enjoy every day and moment spent with my loved ones."

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