Pracownia Architektury Elipsa s.c.

PRACOWNIA ARCHITECTURY ELIPSA S.C. We offer a full range of architectural and construction services, consultation for individual clients, investors developers, companies, cooperatives, housing communities, property managers. The project office has existed since 2006 and is headed by Dr. Eng. arch. Dariusz Kronowski and mgr inż. arch. Sandra Kronowska. All matters are handled professionally up to the receipt of a building permit. We also cooperate in further stages of the investment, author's supervision, supervision inspector. With the investor we have contact by phone, e-mail, we conduct consultations in the studio and online. Since the beginning of our activity, all our projects have received building permits, we always find a legal solution for the investment, we also conduct difficult proceedings, replacement projects and arrangements with the Governor. Confirmation of skills and experience are references received from clients. Our track record includes more than a dozen construction projects, replacement projects, reconstructions, inventories, energy certificates. We offer the investor professional assistance in the development of construction documentation, selection of technical solutions in accordance with standards, codes and regulations, as well as the latest technologies. We provide full service at the stage of design and conduct administrative procedures to obtain a GNP and after receiving a GNP, as well as notification of the object. In terms of the building designs, interiors and energy certificates performed, we effectively use the solutions available in the construction industry. We also obtain WZ development conditions, and perform analyses of the possibility of investing a plot of land. In our work, the most important thing is the implementation of the investor's requirements in respect of construction law, technical conditions, separate regulations and MPZP. We improve our qualifications, which translates into reliable service. In order to analyze the future project, documents and valuation, we make an appointment with you at the investment site, in the office in Zielonki or at Krowoderska Street in Krakow. We have construction authorization to design in architectural specialty without limitations, we are registered in the list of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. During this time, we have completed many construction projects in the field of single-family, multi-family, industrial, halls, service and office buildings, restaurant interiors, as well as technological projects such as car workshops, car washes or buildings and outbuildings, building inventories, replacement projects, demolition projects and projects for remedial proceedings in PINB. Our studio prides itself on its high efficiency in agreeing project documentation from the possibility of investment to the building permit. We are qualified by many years of work in the architectural profession, in the field of design and legal knowledge necessary during the proceedings.

Projects and implementations

(authored and collaborated)
Ascale sinters - the ideal solution for countertops, furniture and cladding
Versati heat pumps by GREE - efficient and economical home heating or cooling
Green roofs by ZIDA