The xystudio architectural studio was founded in 2004 by Filip Domaszczynski, Marta Nowosielska and Dorota Sibinska.

"For years we have been dedicated to the passion of design in various fields. In particular, we deal with public facilities. These include nurseries, kindergartens, nursing homes, representative buildings such as embassies and single-family homes for demanding clients. Years of work have taught us to design putting the needs of the recipient in the foreground. The experience we have gained helps to combine architecture with its more ephemeral partner - psychology.

We carry out projects comprehensively, often enriching them with interior designs tailored to the needs of our unusual clients, solving implementation details - such a way guarantees the execution of consistent realizations, which we can boast of.

We are the winners of the 2015 Polityka Architecture Award, the 2020 Grand Prix of the Polityka Award, the 2015-2020 Life in Architecture competition, the Grand Prix of the Architecture Award of the President of Warsaw in 2020, the Brick Arard 2021 award,many SARP awards, the Accessibility Leader, the PLGBC Award and the "Must have" award.

Over the past years, we have commissioned more than dozens of nurseries and kindergartens that have introduced new design standards for the youngest. A brand of approved Locomoco furniture has been created for our clients, complementing our designs with its design.

Work is our way of life.
We invite you to cooperate with us." - XY creators write about themselves.

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