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Zbyszek Zawistowski SARP Diploma of the Year 2023

organizer: Association of Polish Architects SARP

The Association of Polish Architects invites you to participate in the architectural competition for the Annual Zbyszek Zawistowski Diploma of the Year 2023 Award. The award is given for the best master's diploma project defended at a higher education institution in Poland. The competition is carried out in three stages. {More}


The Annual Zbyszek Zawistowski Award "DIPLOM OF THE YEAR", edition 2023, is awarded by the Association of Polish Architects SARP, for the best diploma project to a graduate/alumnus who obtained the degree of Master of Science in Architecture at a higher education institution in Poland in 2022.

terms and stages of the competition

The competition is open to submissions of diploma theses, master's theses, completed at the university within the framework of education resulting in the award of the degree of Master of Science in Architecture, in the academic year 2022, which received a positive opinion of the diploma committee of the relevant Faculty of Architecture.

The subject of the submitted work should be a design task developed by a single diploma student / diploma student. Submission of works made by a team of authors of diploma students is allowed conditionally in justified cases.

Works nominated by the Selection Committees may compete for the award.

Thecompetition consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1 - The Qualification Committee, appointed in SARP Branches, accepts and considers applications for the competition, including a brief and a scan of the signed Participation Application Card. The Commission, in the case of a larger number of works, may organize an author presentation of pre-selected works. The Selection Committee prepares lists of works nominated in SARP Branches for Stage 2 and sends the list of works and the originals of the Participation Application Cards of the nominated works, together with the abbreviated studies, to the Secretary of the Competition Jury,
  • Stage2 - the Competition Jury, appointed by the SARP Main Board, considers all the works sent by the Selection Committees nominated in the Branches and selects 25 works on the basis of the submitted abbreviated studies from Stage 1.
  • Stage 3 - the Competition Jury, after presentations by the invited authors of the selected 25 works, selects the Award and Regulatory Distinctions.

Those authorized to submit theses to the Competition at Stage 1 are: the promoter, the reviewer, the dean on the basis of the opinion of the departmental Diploma Committees, the Diploma Committee or other collegial bodies appointed by the dean, the graduate independently, with the written consent of the promoter.

The condition for participation in Stages 2 and 3 of the Competition is the submission of a statement by the diplomat / diplomate, on the Participation Application Card, confirming his / her participation in the further part of the competition procedure.

Detailed guidelines for participation in the competition and the competition works are available in the competition regulations.

evaluation criteria

The competition works are evaluated in three stages. The main criterion for evaluation of the thesis submitted for the Award is the outstanding architectural and urban design values of the project and their significance in the process of spatial shaping of the human living environment. These elements will be evaluated in terms of the spatial and artistic values of the work, its ideological value, relationship and influence on the shaping of the environment, as well as the innovativeness and technical level of the presented solutions. Solutions to environmental and energy issues of the designed object will also be taken into account.


Each of the SARP Branch Qualification Committees will determine and announce the deadline for submission of competition works.

  • Completionof Stage 1 - May 26, 2023,
  • information on the results of Stage 1 - June 5, 2023,
  • commencement of Stage 2, deliberations of the Competition Jury - June 21, 2023,
  • completion of Stage 2, provision of information on qualified works for Stage 3 - July 5, 2023,
  • delivery of the theses of qualified graduates - until August 21, 2023,
  • completion of Stage 3, presentation of diploma theses - October 5, 2023,
  • award and distinction ceremony - October 6, 2023 in Lodz, Poland.


The Competition Jury shall determine, in consultation with the SARP Main Board, the amounts allocated for prizes and possible awards, within the budget funds allocated for this purpose.

All 25 works submitted to the Competition and considered by the Competition Jury will be presented in a post-competition exhibition.

the competition court

The Competition Jury, to evaluate the Competition works in Stages 2 and 3, is appointed by the SARP General Board. The SARP General Board also appoints the Secretary of the Competition Court. The Competition Court of 7 to 9 persons consists of a chairman, a referee and judges.

The composition of the court is selected from among:

  • the president or vice-president of the SARP (acting as chairman of the Competition Court and directing the work of the Court),
  • winners of SARP architectural and environmental awards from the year preceding the edition of the "DIPLOMA OF THE YEAR" Award: "SARP Award of the Year", "Polish Cement in Architecture", "Honorary Award of SARP", "Bene Merentibus SARP",
  • representatives of the architectural community from abroad,
  • judges from the list of SARP Competition Judges,
  • representative of the competition partner.

more information

Detailed information and downloadable materials available on the organizer's website.



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