24-Hour Sundial

results of the competition

November 2021


IDEANOVA Foundation



On November 18, the IDEANOVA Foundation announced the results of the second edition of the international architectural competition for the design of a sundial, a sculpture that will stand at 11 Powiśle Street in Cracow, right next to the Wawel Royal Castle, and indicate the hour by imitating the movement of the sun.
The "24-hour Sundial" competition received a total of 90 entries, including designs from the United States, China, New Zealand, Mexico and India.
In the first stage, the jury selected 40 designs, 5 of which qualified for the finals, where participants were tasked with creating spatial models of their proposals.
The jury composed of: Magdalena Doksa-Tverberg, Dr. Ewa Janus, Prof. of the Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Agnieszka Łakoma, Katarzyna Opałka, Małgorzata Tomczak, Wiesław Cholewa, Stanisław Deńko, Radosław Kosarzycki, Dr. Marcin Mielczarek, Dr. Marian Soida, Prof. of the Jagiellonian University, Dr. Ksawery Szykiedans, Karol Wójcicki, Prof. Zbigniew Zembaty awarded three main prizes.
The winner of the competition (and winner of the prize of PLN 15 thousand) was Aleksander Rokosz, a designer from Wroclaw, and it is his project that will be implemented.
The second place (prize of PLN 3 thousand) was won by Grzegorz Artymiński, and the third place (and prize of PLN 2 thousand) was won by Weronika Ławniczak, who was also awarded the Audience Award (in the amount of PLN 5 thousand) by internauts.

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