Competition for the architectural and staging concept of the permanent exhibition of General Dabrowski's Palace in Winna Gora

results of the competition

December 2022


General Dabrowski's Palace in Winna Gora


Winna Gora


The palace of General Henry Dabrowski in Winna Gora, as we read in the competition regulations, is a modern center for interpreting history and disseminating heritage, built from scratch today, dedicated to the figure of General Dabrowski, the forerunners and precursors of organic labor in Greater Poland, as well as the fate of the current palace.

The institution, as the organizers of the competition emphasize, is to be open to different understandings of history, the importance of facts, and at the same time avoid sentimentalism and "monumentalism" in the narrative of the story of the main characters. The permanent exhibition - a script and scenographic concept selected through a two-stage, closed competition - is to help achieve these goals.

The permanent exhibition, according to the competition organizers, should be non-museum, its content and form should be inclusive and thought-provoking. In the proposal for the arrangement of the exhibition, it was necessary to combine elements of new digital and analogue technologies, and the content of the exhibition itself should be given in an accessible manner.

Five studios were invited to participate in the competition: eM4. Pracownia Architektury. Brataniec, Maciej Siuda Pracownia, Marcin Kwietowicz, NarchitekTURA Bartosz Haduch and Karol Żurawski. Design Studio.

The jury, chaired by Oskar Grąbczewski (IARP Katowice Branch) and composed of: Mikołaj Stępień (IARP, SARP Poznań Branch, referee), Natalia Paszkowska (architect), Violetta Julkowska (prof. UAM, historical consultant), Wojciech Luchowski (curator, producer of the exhibition) in cooperation with consultants (without voting rights): Andżelika Jabłońska (Centrum Otwarte) and Jakub Głaz (Centrum Otwarte), as well as the secretary of the competition Magdalena Wypusz (SARP Poznań Branch), selected three teams for the second stage, from among which the first and second prize winners were chosen.

The jury awarded first place to Marcin Kwietowicz's proposal, and second place to the competition work prepared by Maciej Siuda's studio. The third office qualified for the second stage of the competition was eM4. Architecture Studio. Brataniec.

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