Competition for the design of a coworking area in the Bialystok University of Technology Library.

results of the competition

December 2022


Bialystok University of Technology




The competition for the design of the coworking area in the Bialystok University of Technology Library was settled on December 22. It was addressed to the students of the Faculty of Architecture, who prepared projects in the academic year 2021/2022 within the course "Design of interior architecture".

The purpose of the competition was to select the best ideas for the arrangement of coworking space in the Bialystok University of Technology Library, and in the future to implement the selected project. All the works were prepared by second-year students in the 2021/2022 academic year, as part of the Interior Architecture Design course conducted at the Faculty of Architecture of Bialystok University of Technology under the guidance of Tatiana Misijuk, Ph.D., Prof. PB, and Agnieszka Januszkiewicz, Ph. Agnieszka Januszkiewicz.

Fifteen works whose authors met the conditions of the regulations were qualified for the competition.

Prizes were awarded for three places in the amount of: PLN 2000, PLN 1500 and PLN 1000.

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