"Green Me" 2021

results of the competition

June 2021


Polish Lighting Industry Association




On June 14 this year, we recognized the winners of prizes and awards in the competition for young architects, interior designers and designers "Zielono Mi", which was organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association as part of the Light and Electrical Engineering Fair. The theme of the competition, as well as that of this year's fair, was vegetation, nature and greenery.

The task of the participants in the "Green Me" competition was to design designer lighting, using and at the same time enhancing vegetation.

The jury distinguished and awarded authors who approached the topic of greenery and light in interiors in an unobvious way. According to the judges, the awarded projects take into account the creative combination of lighting and vegetation, emphasize ecology and the introduction of greenery into apartments.

The jury awarded three prizes and three honorable mentions. The main prize went to Natalia Płoskonka, a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology 's Faculty of Architecture . The judges appreciated the succinct concept of the form of the lamp "derived from a circle", which has the potential to become a universal design product that works well in different times and cultures.

We invite you to view the gallery of awarded and distinguished works.

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