Design Wood Challenge

results of the competition

December 2022


Burkietowicz Design Lab




On December 22 this year, we learned the results of the Design Wood Challenge organized by the Burkietowicz Group. This is the first edition of the competition, which was held under the theme "Back to the roots."

The goal of the competition was to create a conceptual design for a small social activator that will enable seniors to activate and reintegrate into their immediate community. The competition entries were evaluated by substantive criteria such as:

  1. Architectural qualities,
  2. Functionality and innovativeness of the project,
  3. Pro-environmental solutions,
  4. feasibility of the concept presented in the Competition.

The competition received 171 applications, of which 63 competition works were eventually submitted for evaluation. The project was to be a reference to tradition by making it in wooden technology.

In addition to three representatives of the Burkietowicz Group, the jury included Magdalena Pios (OW SARP), Anna Tofiluk (OW SARP), Piotr Gajdka (OSSA Poland).

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