Facade of the Year 2022

results of the competition

November 2022





This year's edition of the Façade of the Year competition organized by the Baumit brand, in which façades made using Baumit's complete technology: an insulation system, a plaster system with a finish or a program of renovation products with a finish, were awarded.
Buildings completed between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022 could be entered in the competition in the categories: Single-family new construction, Multi-family new construction, Post-thermal renovation building, Non-residential new construction and Historic renovation building.
The jury composed of: Jozef Białasik (B2 Studio, SARP Krakow Branch), Daniel Bielski (Archi +), Piotr Buśko (Profil - Biuro Usług Architektonicznych, SARP Katowice Branch), Jan Chwedczuk (APA Wojciechowski, SARP Warsaw Branch), Jacek Czyżewicz (Bumit CEO), Marcin Dziewoński (Dziewoński, Łukaszewicz - Architekci), Edward Hardt (Renowacje i Zabytki Publishing House), Wojciech Krawczuk (Front Architects, SARP Poznań Branch), Anna Okołowska ("Murator"), Dr. Andrzej Poniewierka (Lower Silesian District Chamber of Architects), Dr. Wojciech Targowski (FORT, Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology), Hubert Wąsek (Secretary of the SARP Governing Council) awarded a total of five awards and six honorable mentions.
In the Single-Family New Building category, the single-family buildings in Wroclaw's Jagodno by Major Architekci were awarded, and the single-family Cube House by Anta architekci was honored. In the category of Multi-family new building, the award went to the Fredry 6 Estate in Cracow by B2 Studio, and the honorable mention went to Perspective Urban Villas in Wroclaw by Group-Arch. In the category of Building after thermal modernization, the award went to the CUS building in the Old Gasworks in Zabrze by Projekt Plus Architects, and the honorable mention went to the building of the Second High School in Gdynia by the Taros Tadeusz Rostkowski Commercial and Service Enterprise. In the Non-residential Building New category, the prize went to the LUX Sports and Entertainment Hall in Rogoznik by Projekt Plus Architekci, and honorable mention to the MZWIK headquarters in Sulejówek by DA Dziuba Architekci. In the category of Historic Building after Renovation, the award was given to the Caritas Hospice in Olsztyn by GADOMSCY Piotr Gadomski Architectural Bureau, and two honorable mentions - to the Paderewskiego 1 Tenement House in Bydgoszcz by Paul Sellner and the Muzealna 3 Tenement House in Nowa Sol by Paweł Wawrzyniak Design Bureau.
The winning buildings will take part in the international Baumit Life Challenge competition.

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