Results of the competition for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept for the workshop base of the Group of Agricultural Schools Vocational Training Center - HIPERBAZA in Swidwin

results of the competition

July 2022


Świdwin District




On July 9 this year, a one-stage, implementation competition for the development of an architectural and urban design concept for HIPERBAZA in Świdwin was settled. The competition was organized by the Świdwin District, and recommended by the Szczecin branch of SARP.

The task faced by the competition participants was to create a modern workshop base (HIPERBAZY) for the Agricultural School Complex Vocational Training Center in Świdwin, with an architectural form referring to the existing land development and an architectural layout that guarantees the coherence and functionality of the individual elements. As emphasized in the regulations, it was important to include the facility in the trend of ecological, energy-efficient construction and taking into account the assumptions of universal design.
The new workshop base is to consist of: the main school workshop building with practical laboratories, a cultivation hall, a diagnostic and repair station, a garage building, an agricultural machinery washing station and a maneuvering area.

Twelve works were submitted for the competition. The competition jury, chaired by Dariusz Herman (SARP Koszalin) and composed of: Miłosz Raczyński (SARP Szczecin, Referee), Jacek Lenart (SARP Szczecin), Maciej Siekierski (Koszalin University of Technology), Zdzisław Pawelec (Vice-Mayor of the Świdwin District) and Daniel Nowak (Director of the Complex of Agricultural Schools of the Vocational Training Center in Świdwin) unanimously awarded the first prize to the proposal of the PROLOG studio from Wrocław. Also selected were the winners of the second(P2PA; the work received 4 out of 6 votes in the vote on awarding the second prize) and third prizes(D+P architects Paweł Skóra; the work received 2 out of 6 votes in the vote on awarding the second prize), as well as two equal honorable mentions - UGO Architecture and the team created by IPSO Paulina Sobiech, Marta Mazur and Łukasz Piszczałka.

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