Closed competition for the design of an office building using timber frame technology for the Burkietowicz Group

results of the competition

December 2022


Burkietowicz Group




A competition for architects for the concept of a new office building organized by the Burkietowicz Group ended on December 14. The goal of the competition was to design an office building using timber frame technology for the organizer.

Eight architectural studios participated in the competition: MUKI, Ambient, Studio GAB, Krzysztof Krzepkowski, KJ Architects, WXCA, Mariola Ratajska and Marcin Wowrzeczka.

The works were evaluated by the following criteria:

  • impression and aesthetics of the building, compliance with trends and modern architectural concepts.
  • Attractiveness and innovativeness of the proposed solutions.
  • functional-utility compatibility of the designed building with the assumptions.
  • the level of architectural and functional solutions.
  • modernity and eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of the technology and solutions used.
  • application of new technology in the implementation and technological processes.
  • The quality of the materials used (assumptions, connections, durability, aesthetics).
  • level of modernity, efficiency of technological processes.
  • feasibility and economics of the adopted solutions (construction and operation).

First Prize was awarded to STUDIO GAB. Second Prize went to the AMBIENT studio. The last place on the podium went to the WXCA studio.

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