Results of the competition for the design of development and development of the main compositional axis of Gdynia - the Future Pier

results of the competition

December 2021


Municipality of the City of Gdynia




On December 10 this year we learned the results of a study and ideation competition for the design of development and development of the main compositional axis of Gdynia - the Future Pier, organized by the Municipality of the City of Gdynia under the patronage of the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

The subject of the competition was to develop a project of building and development constituting the author's proposal of the vision of the most important compositional axis of Gdynia - Kosciuszko Square, John Paul II Avenue and the Southern Pier.

The submitted projects should constitute, at the study-idea level, a proposal for the transformation of the area covered by the competition, define the relations with the surroundings , taking into account especially the historical values, compositional and functional solutions, landscape relations and principles of shaping valuable public spaces.

The study-idea competition was conducted in an open, one-stage and territorially unlimited formula.

As we read in the regulations, the main goal of the competition was to obtain inspiring functional and spatial solutions adequate to expectations, reflecting the ambitions and tradition of the
Gdynia as a modern city, whose residents and administrators look to the future with hope and curiosity.

Sixteen teams entered the competition, and their projects were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Prof. Ewa Kurylowicz - chairwoman of the competition,
  • Izabela Burda - assistant professor at the Department of Urban Architecture and Waterfront Spaces at the Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology,
  • Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała - deputy mayor of Gdynia for economy,
  • Iwona Markešić - director of the Office of Spatial Planning of the City of Gdynia,
  • Filip Springer - reporter and photographer, author of books on space and architecture,
  • Renata Stelmach - chief architect of the city
  • Igor Strzok - Pomeranian Regional Monument Conservator,
  • Paulina Szewczyk - Office of Spatial Planning.

The function of secretary of the competition Roman Ruczynski.

The jury awarded three prizes and three equivalent distinctions. The winner was the vision of the South Pier with an above-ground promenade and a viewing terrace by the SMOL Architekt studio from Warsaw.

The competition solutions obtained are to be used to determine the directions of transformations that will make use of the potential of this space.

The awarded and distinguished works will inspire the city authorities to determine the development and future transformation of the area covered by the competition.

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