Arting 2022 project "City?" Results of the industrial design competition

results of the competition

October 2022


People-Innovation-Design Foundation, Bielsko-Biala City Hall




In October we learned the results of the industrial design competition Project Arting 2022 "city?"

According to the regulations, the subject of the competition was industrial design projects indicating solutions to improve the functioning of man, and his environment, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and energy conservation.

The projects should answer questions related to urban issues in the broadest sense. The purpose of the competition was to build awareness of the role of industrial design in sustainable development through the creation of innovative design solutions.

The jury composed of:

  • Andrzej Sobaś, Ph.D. - WP ASP Katowice,
  • Marek Liskiewicz, PhD - WFP ASP Kraków,
  • Krzysztof Gieleciak - Bielsko-Biała City Hall,
  • Zbigniew Michniowski,
  • Jacek Graś - FLID Bielsko-Biała,

evaluated 50 projects submitted to the competition, which presented a high level of merit.

The Grand Prize was awarded, prizes for the best works in the categories: Technology, Environment, Bielsko-Biala, and honorable mentions.

TheArting Main Prize in the amount of PLN 10,000, funded by the Mayor of Bielsko-Biala Jaroslaw Klimaszewski, was awarded to the "eco-funnel" project by Gabriela Jaszewska, Sara Matias and Natalia Wojciechowska.

The award in the Technology category went to Karol Murlak, the Environmental category was won by Klaudia Chodura, and the Bielsko-Biala category was won by Paula Smolka.

Among the awarded works were:

  • "Noeza - hybrid furniture dedicated to micro-space", proj.: Paulina Woźny,
  • "Hideout 35m2" proj.: eKodama (Magdalenia Górska),
  • "Kwapromek," proj.: Kuba Neumann,
  • "Urban microbrewery 2.0", proj.: Zuzanna Rutkowska,
  • "Our Garden," proj.: Karolina Sielski,
  • "Urban 3-in-1 bag", proj.: Renata Demczuk,
  • "Grow bag", proj.: Renata Demczuk, Mariola Gańczarczyk
  • "Wełąka", porj: Arkadiusz Typkiewicz.

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