Results of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA - SARP 2022

results of the competition

September 2022






At the end of September this year, the winners and runners-up of the BDA-SARP Annual Polish-German Integration Award were announced.

The competition is organized by the Association of Polish Architects and the Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA.

The aim of the Prize is to promote cooperation and community integration of young architects of Germany and Poland through competition and discussion, as well as exhibitions on architecture, and to foster mutual contacts by disseminating the results of creative activities.

The award takes the form of a research scholarship or the form of a design internship in the country of choice.

The annual Polish-German Integration Award of the BDA - SARP is a continuation of the competition for the best thesis in the field of industrial architecture, organized since 1985, in which young architects from Poland and Germany participated under the name "Walter Henn Award." Today it is a master's thesis project, the subject of which is the environment of human social activity in the future.

According to tradition, the Final of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award of BDA - SARP is held alternately in Poland or Germany each year and lasts four days. During the final event, finalists participate in architectural workshops and present their thesis work before a Polish-German jury.

This year, the Award finals and workshops were held in Berlin from September 22 to 25 this year.

The workshop, led by architect Matt Ceckiewicz, took place in the post-industrial Berlin district of Schöneweide. The task of the workshop participants was to develop a strategy and direction for the future development of the area, taking into account the needs of the residents and respecting the climate.

The competition part of the Award, during which 18 works were presented, took place on September 24 at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ at Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, the headquarters of the Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten B D A.

The competition entries were evaluated by the Competition Jury consisting of:

  • Daria Kieżun (SARP),
  • Silvia Schellenberg-Thaut (BDA),
  • Hubert Wąsek (SARP),
  • Feyyaz Berber (BDA),
  • Michael Kühnlein (BDA).

The Competition Jury decided to award the Grand Prize and as many as four equal honorable mentions.

The project entitled Archive of utopia of rationalism in architecture was recognized as the best thesis . Adaptation of Stalownik hospital in Mikuszowice Krakowskie by Agnieszka Kępa from the Cracow University of Technology. The work was prepared under the direction of Dr. Marcin Charciarek, prof. PK.

Grand Prize

Agnieszka Kepa

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Pascal Kapitza

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Julia Kemkemer

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Felix Sonnenberg

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Lisanne Wingels

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