Results of the 2nd stage of the Tubądzin Design Awards 2022 competition

results of the competition

October 2022


Tubądzin Management Group




On October 17, 2022, we announced the results of the second stage of the international Tubądzin Design Awards 2022 competition.

TubądzinDesign Awards (TDA), organized by the Tubądzin Group since 2015, is a competition for architects, designers and students from around the world.

The competition, which runs from March 1 to November 30, 2022, is open to individual participants and teams. A participant in each competition category can submit any number of works and can take part in any number of stages of the competition.

The results of the first stage are available here.

The contest task is to present projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and design, in which Tubądzin products will be used.

Prizes are awarded in stages and throughout the year. In each stage of the competition, the organizers anticipate awarding: three projects in the Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture categories, as well as selecting one project in the CultureFORM category and one Audience Award.

In the final stage of the competition, the organizers anticipate selecting: Grand Prix 2022 and 2nd and 3rd Prizes from among the finalist projects in the Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture categories, and the winner of the CultureFORM category.

Thesecond stage was decided by an international jury consisting of:

  • Allan Starski (Poland) - chairman of the jury, film and theater set designer, Academy Award winner
  • Martin Duplantier (France) - chairman of the French architectural council "Architecture et Maitrise d'Ouvrage",
  • Malgorzata Szczepanska (Poland) - editor-in-chief and creative director of Elle Decoration magazine
  • Melike Altınışık (Turkey) - founder and chief architect at Melike Altınışık Architects,
  • Tomasz Smus (Poland) - architect for Tubądzin Group.

The jury awarded prizes in three cateogria: Unlimited Architecture, Everyday Design, Young Power, and honorable mentions.

Thesecond stage of the competition in the CultureFORM special category was decided on October 4 this year, and you can see the results here.

In the Unlimited Architecture category: 1st Prize went to Adam Zarczynski from Poland, 2nd Prize went to Mohammed Alnisafi from Syria, and 3rd Prize went to Gabriela Kowacka from Poland. An honorable mention went to Natalya Lityagina from Kazakhstan.

In the Everyday Design category, the winner was Anna Zygmunt from Poland, 2nd Prize went to Maryna Vaseiko from Ukraine, and 3rd Prize went to Bozhidar Ivanov from Bulgaria. On the other hand, an honorable mention went to Maryna Vaseiko from Ukraine.

Duong Nguyen of Vietnam won in the Young Power category. Second Prize went to Shikara Silva of Sri Lanka. Third Prize was won by Maryna Metsger from Ukraine.

We invite you to view all the awarded works.

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