Results of the 3rd stage of the Tubądzin Design Awards competition in the CultureFORM category

results of the competition

January 2023


Tubądzin Management Group




The Tubądzin Design Awards (TDA), organized by the Tubądzin Group since 2015, is a competition for architecture and design professionals and students from around the world.

The last edition ran until the end of November 2022. Participants in each category of the competition could submit any number of works and could take part in any number of stages of the competition.

The competition task was to present projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and design, in which Tubądzin products would be used.

Prizes were awarded in stages and on a year-round basis. In each stage of the competition, the organizers envisioned awarding: three projects in the Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture categories, as well as selecting one project in the CultureFORM category and one Audience Award.

In the finals of the competition, the organizers anticipate the selection of: Grand Prix 2022 and Second and Third Prizes from among the final projects in the Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture categories, and the winner of the CultureFORM cateogory.

In October 2022, we announced the results of the 2nd stage of the international Tubądzin Design Awards (link here).

The edition was enriched with a new category CultureFORM (the results of the 2nd stage are available here).

This category is inspired by culture and experiencing culture, and gives freedom to design and influence the culture of a space. Participants could submit works related to the cultural heritage of their countries, cities or communities to which they belong. They could also present a design for a space promoting the culture of countries in which they do not live on a daily basis, proposing solutions to influence the possibility of daily interaction with the heritage of those regions. Their task was to design spaces that take into account the unique aspects of their surroundings, which are associated with the history, tradition or values of a given region of the world.

The results of the third stage of the CultureFORM competition were announcedon January 23 this year , and the submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Davide Macullo - founder of the Davide Macullo Architects studio in Lugano,
  • Marta Sowińska-Gąska - architect, winner of the TDA 2020 Grad Prix,
  • Ewa Kryszkiewicz - manager of the development and cooperation with architects department at Tubądzin Group.

The jury awarded the Grand Prize of €1,000 to Aleksandra Sitek from Poland for her project "Contemplation space with exhibition function and café."

The third stage of the competition attracted great interest. Twice as many works were submitted as in the previous stage, so the jury decided to award as many as four honorable mentions.

Equal honorable ment ions went to:

  • Kristina Busko from Poland for her work "Licht House - Light Center",
  • Niels Geerts from the Netherlands for his project "Healing House",
  • Bogdan Stoicescu of Romania with his work "Akkerman Fortress: A Reflection of Resilience",
  • Oksana Shumelda from Ukraine for her project "Lviv Crematorium."

The winners and runners-up of all stages will compete for Grand Prix awards, which will be presented at a gala ceremony.

Grand Prize

Aleksandra Sitek (Poland)

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Kristina Busko (Poland)

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Niels Geerts (Netherlands)

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Bogdan Stoicescu (Romania)

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Oksana Shumelda (Ukraine)

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