"It blows as in ...?"

results of the competition

September 2021


Institute of Design in Kielce, Kielce City Hall




On September 15, the competition "Blows as in ...?" for the design of an art installation in public space that will be moved by the power of the wind , organized by the Institute of Design in Kielce and the Kielce City Hall, was resolved.

The purpose of the competition was to select innovative projects that change in an interesting way under the influence of the wind and become part of the Kielce landscape.

The competition received 22 projects, of which the jury decided to award three.

The first prize was awarded for the project Urban Seeder, whose author is Monika Wierzba-Krygiel. In addition, the jury honored two projects: Windy Flower by Sara Kowalczuk-Fijałkowska and Wind AD designed by Emilia Strójwąs.

The jury deliberated consisting of:

  • Natalia Wielebska - Traffic Design
  • Paulina Rogalska - Fala architektura
  • Kamila Szatanowska - Wave architecture

We invite you to view the gallery of awarded works!

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