Results of the competition "ASP Diplomas: Architecture and Design 2022".

results of the competition

July 2022


Gdynia Design Days




We have met the winners of the "ASP Diplomas: Architecture and Design 2022" competition, which aims to present different ways of design thinking and promote the work of young, talented designers. For the ninth time, prizes were awarded for the best diploma projects completed at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, this time for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The works were judged by a jury consisting of:

  • Anna Borkowska - director of PPNT Gdynia,
  • Ewa Chudecka - manager of PPNT Gdynia, Design Center and GDD festival,
  • Anna Wejkowska-Lipska, Ph.D. - associate dean for interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk,
  • Tadeusz Pietrzkiewicz, PhD - dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk,
  • Natalia Wielebska - member of the Traffic Design Association.

The jury awarded two Grand Prix prizes in the Architecture and Design categories. They were given to Maja Krzyzynska (Architecture) and Zuzanna Bartkowska (Design). One honorable mention was also given in the Architecture category, which went to Zuzanna Balicka.

The grand prize in the competition is a five-month residency at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia.

The projects of all the winners can be seen until July 10 at the New Generation exhibition organized as part of the Gdynia Design Days festival.

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