Results of the competition for the architectural concept of the observation tower in the Jan III Sobieski Park

results of the competition

January 2022


Mayor of the City of Walbrzych




A public presentation of the results of the competition for the design of a viewing tower in Jan III Sobieski Park in Walbrzych took place on January 19.

The competition was organized by the Mayor of Walbrzych, Roman Szełemej.

The competition, as we read on the website of the Walbrzych City Hall, was to "fulfill a public task on the territory of the city of Walbrzych and for the benefit of its residents in the field of supporting activities for the activation and development of the local community."

For the implementation of the three public tasks, the municipality of Walbrzych received funding from a government fund earmarked for mountain municipalities in the amount of PLN 8 million. The flagship project will be the construction of a viewing tower in the city center. As the mayor promises, the tower would be built later this year.

The purpose of the competition was to create the best possible architectural and construction concept, corresponding to the regulations, for a viewing tower in the Sobieski Park in Walbrzych, in an area located in the immediate vicinity of the PTTK shelter "Harcówka".

The viewing tower was to be a representative part of the Park and should be an element that does not differ from the surrounding landscape, while at the same time being an original, interesting form that attracts tourists and residents of Walbrzych.

The competition was already launched in May 2021, but the first edition was entered by one designer with one competition work that did not meet all the regulatory requirements.

Five designs were submitted to the second edition of the competition announced on October 28, 2021. Two of them were not subject to the committee's evaluation due to violations of the rules set forth in the regulations.

The submitted works were evaluated by the competition commission, consisting of:

  • Lech Walusiak - chairman, city architect
  • Anna Nowakowska-Ciuchera - head of the Delegation of the Provincial Office for Monuments Protection in Walbrzych,
  • Ewa Kłusek - treasurer of the city of Walbrzych,
  • Robert Szymala - head of the Office of Urban Planning and Planning,
  • Jan Jędrasik - director of the Multicultural Park-Stara Kopalnia in Walbrzych.

The commission decided to award two works. First prize (receiving 76.8 points) in the amount of PLN 15 ,000 gross and an invitation to negotiate a sole-source contract for the execution of the service was awarded to the ISBA Grupa Projektowa studio from Wroclaw.

Thesecond prize went to the project submitted by INFRA-TEL from Rybnik, receiving 67.8 points.

The winning tower will be 34 meters high, with six terraces on six different levels, accessed by stairs and, in the future, an elevator.

The cost of implementation is set at about PLN 4 million, including 200 thousand for the design and construction documentation, which will be prepared by the ISBA Grupa Projektowa studio.

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