Laufen brand display box design competition

results of the competition

March 2021






On March 16, 2021, the results of the ROCA Polska Sp.z o.o. competition were announced. for architects. The object of the competition was to create a design for a display box of Laufen products, using at least three products of your choice from The New Classic, Val, Sonar or Kartellbylaufen series.

The competition was very popular among the participants. The winning designs were characterized by harmony, minimalism, and an atmosphere as if in paradise or in nature. The highest marks were given to works that were original, complied with the rules, were creative and impressive. The jury selected 3 Laureates from 89 projects, and additionally, due to the high level of works, awarded one special mention and 8 honorable mentions.


First prize in the form of a voucher worth PLN 3000 to the Apple Store and a ceramic mirror with LED backlighting, SaphirKeramik with a net value of PLN 2900 was awarded to the project "Minimal Laufen". Celina Kucharska. Second prize in the form of a voucher worth PLN 2,000 to the Apple Store and a set of bathroom accessories from The New Classic: a ceramic shelf, a toothbrush holder and a wall soap dish worth PLN 1,400 net was awarded to the project "Paradise" by Joanna Ochota. Third prize in the form of a voucher worth PLN 1000 to the Apple Store and a set of The New Classic bathroom accessories: a wall soap dish and a toothbrush holder with a net value of PLN 800 was awarded to the project "Back to the roots" by Anna Potorska. A special mention was given to the project "Otiss" by Kamil Fijak, and other honorable mentions went to: Ewelina Wolska - project" Ice cave", Gabriela Kawinska - "Treasures", Jakub Żurawicki - "Modern New Classic", Dina Cheliadina - "Art of Routine", Alicja Ragankiewicz-Drabowicz - project 360 Laufen, Aneta Burzec - "The New Classic", Sabina Prędka - "Exhibition Sky", Magdalena Pasiak - "Moody Space".


Joanna Dec-Galuk (Marketing Director), Marek Słaboń (Commercial Director), Klaudia Bączek (Brand Communication and PR Coordinator).

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