Competition for the development of an urban-architectural concept for a part of the center of Mysłowice

results of the competition

November 2021


SARP Katowice




On November 15, 2021, the results of the competition to develop an urban-architectural concept for a part of the center of Myslowice, which was organized by SARP Katowice, were announced. The jury decided not to award the first prize.

The competition was conducted in a limited, two-stage competition procedure.

The goal of the competition was:

- to obtain the best spatial, functional-utilitarian and architectural
concept for the fragment of the center of the city of Mysłowice marked according to graphic attachment No. 9 in the
material, cultural and social sense (area "A") being the subject of the implementation of the
of the city's spatial policy for 20-30 years,
- obtaining the best draft of the Master Plan for the area north of Kaczej Street (area "B")
determining the possibilities and investment principles for this area being the basis for the implementation of the
a detailed multi-discipline spatial concept;
- development of the northern frontage of the Market in place of the current construction in the interim-implementation and perspective target-conceptual terms (area "C").

The competition works were evaluated by a court consisting of:

  • mgr inż. arch. Jacek Krych, IARP architect, SARP landscape architect - Chairman of the Court
  • M.Sc. arch. Piotr Śmierzewski, architect IARP - Deputy Chairman of the Court
  • dr inż. arch. Andrzej Grzybowski, architect IARP, SARP - Referee
  • M.Sc. arch. Bogusław Bogacz, architect IARP, urban planner SARP, TUP
  • mgr inż. arch. Ewa Szymańska-Sułkowska, architect IARP, urban planner SARP
  • Łukasz Konarzewski, M.Sc. - Silesian Regional Conservator of Monuments,
  • dr hab. inż. arch. Kinga Racoń-Leja, IARP architect, Professor at the Cracow University of Technology
  • Dr. hab. inż. arch. Katarzyna Hodor, Professor at the Cracow University of Technology
  • mgr Marta Jabłczyńska - Secretary of the City of Mysłowice
  • mgr Małgorzata Książek-Grelewicz - Director of MZGK Mysłowice
  • mgr inż. arch. Judyta Rduch, IARP architect, Deputy Director of MZGK Mysłowice

The court decided to award only the second prize and three equal honorable mentions.

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