Results of the architectural competition for the Środowiskowy Dom Samopomocy (Community Self-help Center) in Żoliborz, Warsaw.

results of the competition

December 2021


Capital City of Warsaw, Żoliborz District




The Zoliborz District Office of the City of Warsaw has settled a competition for the design of a new Community Self-Help Center on Izabella Street in Zoliborz.

The subject of the competition was to create an architectural concept of a building with a residential and service function for the needs of the Community Self-Help Center and a day care center for children with intellectual disabilities.

The competition had a one-stage character, in which the submission of works was not preceded by the obligation of participants to submit study papers.

Competition works were evaluated on the basis of:

  • functionality of the solutions of the proposed architectural concept, taking into account adaptation to the use of future facilities by people with special needs,
  • attractiveness and architectural and urban aesthetics of the object together with the proposed development of its surroundings,
  • financial conditions of implementation,
  • application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

The competition for the concept of the Środowiskowy Dom Samopomocy submitted 5 projects, which were evaluated by the Competition Jury consisting of:

  • Dorota Bagińska - SARP, chairman of the Competition Jury
  • Wojciech Wagner - Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning, Deputy Chair of the Competition Jury,
  • Andrzej Jurkiewicz - SARP, Referee,
  • Piotr Czarnecki - SARP,
  • Tomasz Pactwa - director of the Office of Assistance and Social Projects,
  • Alicja Tyc-Zardecka - head of the Department of Social Affairs and Health for the Żoliborz District,
  • Donata Rapacka - councilor of the Żoliborz District,
  • Monika Kurowska - councilor of the Żoliborz District.

The duties of secretary of the Competition Jury were performed (without voting rights) by Justyna Blaszkiewicz (chief specialist in the Public Procurement Department for the Żoliborz District).

The Competition Jury decided to award the First Prize in the amount of 25 thousand zlotys and an invitation to negotiate in the mode of a sole-source contract to EMA STUDIO from Warsaw (score 80 points out of 100 possible).

TheSecond Prize in the amount of PLN 15 thousand was awarded to the MISA Marcin Szulc studio from Warsaw (75 points), and the Third Prize of PLN 10 thousand was awarded to the Agnieszka Starzyk Studio of Architecture (65 points).

Thenew building of the Community Self-help Center designed by EMA STUDIO is to be designed for 30 people with mental illnesses and another 30 with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities. It will employ a total of 14 therapists, a director, 2 people in human resources and accounting, and 2 housekeeping staff. The facility will also provide opportunities for student and professional internships and work with volunteers.

The day support center for children with intellectual disabilities will hold classes for three age groups from 6 to 18 years old. It is expected to accommodate 40 participants and six staff.

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