Results of the competition to develop an architectural and urban design concept for the Green Terraces of Culture in Kolobrzeg

results of the competition

November 2022


Municipality of Kolobrzeg, SARP Koszalin Branch



On November 24, a one-stage, implementation competition for the development of an architectural and urban design concept for the Green Terraces of Culture in Kolobrzeg, announced by the Municipality of Kolobrzeg and the Association of Polish Architects Koszalin Branch, was resolved.
The competition procedure sought the best proposal for the development of the space of the two parks. The competition was divided into study and implementation parts. The area of the study part included the complex of the aforementioned parks (Park 18 Marca and Skwer Pionierów Kołobrzegu, i.e. Green Terraces of Culture) located in the center of Kolobrzeg and divided by Sybiraków Street, while the area for the implementation part included, in turn, Skwer Pionierów Kołobrzegu.
The Competition Jury, chaired by Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski (SARP Warsaw Branch) and composed of: Marek Perepeczo (SARP Koszalin Branch, Referee), Wojciech Subalski (SARP Koszalin Branch), Dr. Adam Zwolinski (City Architect, Kolobrzeg City Hall), Cezary Kalinowski (Kolobrzeg City Hall) awarded three prizes.Deputy judges were Ewa Pełechata (Deputy Mayor, Kolobrzeg City Hall), Stanislaw Skład (SARP Koszalin Branch) and Monika Buśko-Kuś (City Gardener, Kolobrzeg City Hall), and the secretary of the competition was Karolina Bilska.
First Prize was won by Warsaw-based JAZ+Architekci studio Żmijewski Jaworski, Second Prize by D+P Architektura Paweł Skóra office from Katowice, and Third Prize by Pniewski Architekci studio team from Gdynia.

First Prize

JAZ+Architekci Zmijewski Jaworski

II Prize

D+P Architecture Paweł Skóra

Third Prize

Pniewski Architects

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