Results of the competition for the development of the concept of the Sports Hall in Miechow

results of the competition

October 2022


Municipality and City Office in Miechów, SARP Cracow Branch



On October 21 this year, an architectural and urban planning, one-stage and implementation competition for the development of a concept for a sports hall in Miechow was settled.
The task facing the participants was to propose a building with a sports function that would fit into the character and fabric of Miechow. The building, according to the assumptions of the competition organizers - the Miechów Municipality and City Hall and SARP Kraków Branch - is to serve various functions, depending on the time of day - to be a space for physical education classes for the nearby school (the facility will be built in the northeastern part of the city, next to the building of the Henryk Sienkiewicz Elementary School No. 1), afternoon commercial activities and the organization of various events.
Forty works were submitted for the competition. The competition jury, chaired by Piotr Lewicki (SARP Krakow Branch) and composed of: Marcin Brataniec (SARP Branch Krakow), Marcin Charciarek, Piotr Chuchacz (Chairman of the Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland), Andrzej Banaśkiewicz (Deputy Mayor of Miechów Municipality and City), Iwona Dróżdż (Head of the Investment and Environmental Protection Department in Miechów), Malgorzata Galińska (Assistant Inspector of the Department of Investment and Environmental Protection in Miechow), Anna Gawin (Headmistress of Elementary School No. 1 in Miechow), Mateusz Sobecki (Vice-Chairman of the Miechow Municipal Council) and the secretary of the competition Marcin Buczek-Palczynski (SARP Cracow Branch) awarded three prizes and four equivalent honorable mentions.

First Prize was awarded to the team of offices Krzysztof Makowski Architekt and Łukasz Mużacz Architekt, Second Prize to the ARE Stiasny/Wacławek studio, and Third Prize to James&Mau Arquitectura.

Honorable Mentions were given to: Piotr Plaskowicki Architect, Design Initiative, Babyn Michalowski Architects WAPW, USI AAM and Maćków Design Studio.

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