Results of the competition for the conceptual design of a single-family house with a construction area of up to 70 square meters.

results of the competition

January 2022


Ministry of Development and Technology

On January 14 this year, we learned the results of a two-stage implementation competition for the conceptual design of a single-family house with a construction area of up to 70 square meters. According to the idea of the competition, organized by the Ministry of Development and Technology in cooperation with the General Office of Construction Supervision, the selected designs are to be available for free download as early as the second quarter of 2022. These projects will be able to be implemented in a simplified procedure - without the need to hire a construction manager and keep a construction log, and in the absence of a local development plan, development conditions will be issued within 21 days.
The competition designs were to be developed on a minimal, typical building plot. The building itself was to be free-standing, a maximum of two stories and designed for a family of four.
In the second stage of the competition, the jury, consisting of Dr. Eng. arch. Adam Baryłka (chairman of the Competition Jury), M.Sc. arch. Piotr Wiss (referee), Prof. Zbigniew Kledyński, M.Sc. Zbigniew Kledyński, Prof. Jerzy Obolewicz, M.Sc. Tomasz Saciłowski, M .Sc. Radosław Sekunda (reserve judge), M.Sc. arch. Adam Popielewski (Reserve Judge) and Wieslaw Leszek Baranowicz , M.Sc. (Reserve Judge) awarded 38 works. Each of them was recognized for: attractiveness of the proposed architectural solutions and development, functional-utility solutions of the building, quality of the proposed premises of the building in the context of their functionality, application of pro-ecological and energy-efficient solutions in the building and in the development of the site, feasibility and economic optimization of the adopted solutions and the degree of consideration of operating costs in the proposed solutions.
The awards went to: COR Magdalena Kiertowicz, LAU ARCHITEKTURA KONSTRUKCJE Biuro Projektów i Obsługi Inwestycji, Pracownia Projektowa MILO7, Dobry projekt Urszula Kozieł, Pracownia Architektury Dobry Projekt, PROLOG, Przemysław Markiewicz-Zahorski, Adam Rucki, Sandra Piasek andPiotr Michalski, Pracownia Projektowa KWADRAT, ARCH-STUDIO Pracownia Projektowa, DOMYIDACHY, ENERGIALE Rafał Rutkowski Biuro Projektowe Justyna Przygoda, SLZ Pracownia Projektowa, KRYJAK - Biuro Projektów, Andrzej Walczyński Castor Pracownia Projektowa, Tomasz Krzeminski, Laboratorium Architektury, Szymon Pleszczak, Polskie Domy Drewniane, PS.ARCH Piotr Świątkiewicz, Panta Rhei Projekt, Architekt Katarzyna Gazda, Workshopbay, Czysta Bryła Studio, Architektura Stanisław Świderczuk, KGA Konrad Garbowski, Bartosz Hodurek BH Studio, More Design & Architecture, MW Technic, QUIB Constructions, KLATA Architekci, Piotr Obłękowski, ARE Stiasny/Wacławek, Hornik Chmura Architektura, QSZ PROJECTS, Mirosław Falkowski, Kwiatkowski Michał Architektura
Each of the winners will receive a cash prize of 5,000 gross and an invitation to negotiate a sole-source contract for the provision of services based on the selected competition work.
The competition has already caused controversy in the architectural community since it was announced, with the Chamber issuing a "warning" against participating in the competition and a post warning of the negative consequences for architects that the government project will entail. You can read more about this in an interview with Małgorzata Pilinkiewicz, President of the National Council of the Polish Chamber of Architects.

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