Results of the competition "LOFT - yesterday and today".

results of the competition

January 2022


Polish Lighting Industry Association




At the end of January 2022, during the 29th International Light Fair in Warsaw, the official results of the 10th edition of the competition entitled "LOFT - Yesterday and Today" organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association were announced.

The competition was co-organized by Goczołowie Architekci Studio Autorskie, OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci, Agencja SOMA and the organizer of the International Light Fair in Warsaw. Architecture and Business covered the competition with media patronage.

The competition was international, open and one-stage , and was aimed at people involved in architecture, art, industrial design, as well as all other fields of science.

The purpose of the competition was to develop a design for a loft with proposed functional design solutions of an innovative nature, taking into account current trends and in accordance with the principles of architectural art. An analysis of the impact of both natural and artificial light on the character and space of the loft was also to play an important role in the project. The project could be an adaptation of an old, existing building in the character of a loft, or it could be a new building or interior with a loft character.

KANLUXlighting solutions had to be used in thedesign and creation of the object or interior .

The competition projects were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Beata Goczoł - Goczołowie Architekci Studio Autorskie,
  • Oskar Grąbczewski - OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci,
  • Marek Orłowski - Polish Lighting Industry Association,
  • SoniaSzlencka-Stecura - Stoostudio Sonia Szlencka-Stecura,
  • Prof. Wojciech Wybieralski - Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

By the decision of the jury, three equivalent distinctions andthree main prizes were awarded.

Thefirst prize went to students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology: Katarzyna Kędziorczyk, Klaudia Rduch, Nicole Kossowska.

Second prize went to students of the Faculty of Architecture of Gdansk University of Technology: Chizaram Izunobi and Szymon Mankowski.

Third prize went to Bruno Pereira and Estrela Salgado, students of Minho University in Portugal, currently on an Erasmus exchange and studying at the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdansk University of Technology.

Three equal honorable mentions were awarded to two teams from Gdansk University of Technology, consisting of: Magdalena Draheim, Zuzanna Gowin, Martyna Sokolnicka and the other: Athirah Binti Azhar, Karolina Bobrowska, Ilkin Huseynov.

The third honorable mention went to students from the Cracow University of Technology - Magdalena Kaleta and Barbara Winkler.

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