Mies+ WAPW 2022. competition for the Most Compelling Design Idea

results of the competition

December 2022


Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology




In early December 2022, we learned the results of the competition organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology—Mies+ WAPW. Competition for the Most Compelling Design Idea 2022.

The competition was attended by male and female students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. Entries were submitted in three categories: volume for an individual, single-family housing, and school.

Mies+ WAPW is decided in three stages. In the first, each student and faculty member can cast votes for the three best projects from each of the participating exhibitions. Based on the results of this poll, finalists and finalists are selected, who then present their works at a gala. There, the best in each category are chosen by a jury of representatives of Polish architectural firms and academics. In the third, and final, stage, the public chooses the WAPW Mies from among the four winners. The prize for the winner in each category is a paid internship in one of Warsaw's studios.

This year the jury consisted of:

  • Krzysztof Koszewski - dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Miroslaw Orzechowski - associate dean for studies at the Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Paweł Grodzicki—WXCA,
  • Aleksander Drzewicki - 22ARCHITEKCI,
  • Paweł Majkusiak—JEMS Architeki,
  • Bartosz Rozbiewski—BAiPP of the capital city of Warsaw,
  • Bartolomiej Glomski—Mies+ of the Public 2021,
  • Magdalena Niewczas—Mies+ of the Public 2021.

The jury awarded the main prizes in each of the three categories, and the public chose the Mies+ of the Public.

In the Cubature category for an individual, the award went to Bartosz Andreczko.

In the single-family housing category, the winner was Ewa Maniak.

In the School category, the award went to Matilda Wolska. Her project also received the Mies of the Public award.

Award in the category "Cubic capacity for an individual"

Bartosz Andreczko

Award in the category "Single-family housing".

Ewa Maniak

Award in the "School" category and the Audience Award.

Matilda Wolska

The vote has already been cast

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