Results of the "Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st Century" competition.

results of the competition

September 2022


Association for the Preservation of National Material Heritage




On September 28 in Warsaw, a gala was held for the nationwide open competition "Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st Century.". The competition has been held since 1996, rewarding the best construction investments.

The purpose of the competition is to identify construction projects: modernization and new buildings in urban space completed in a given year, distinguished by special qualitative, functional, urban and aesthetic values. Awards were given in more than a dozen categories.

Modernization of the Year 2021 - roads and bridges

PONT-PROJECT | City Hall of Toruń

Modernization of the Year 2021 - memory of historical places

Mariusz Twardowski Architecture Krakow | KTO Theatre Krakow

Modernization of the Year 2021 - residential and commercial facilities

Less is core | Arche Group

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Interior trends 2023
Interior trends 2023