Results of the competition for the concept of development of Czerwone Gitar Square in Gdansk

results of the competition

December 2022


Gdańsk Roads and Greenery Authority




The competition for the concept of developing Czerwone Gitar Square in Gdansk was settled on December 21. Through a one-stage study competition, the city sought an idea for developing the space in Gdansk's Wrzeszcz as a single-space public square with a tramway track.

The competition proposals were to include not only the development of the square itself, but also to take into account the planned double-track streetcar route along Klonowa Street. It was also important to preserve the existing trees, care for biological diversity, create stylistically coherent small architecture and take into account the principle of universal design giving priority to pedestrian traffic.

The competition jury, chaired by Prof. Jakub Szczepański and composed of:
Dr. Anna Fikus-Wójcik (representative of the Gdansk Development Office), Prof. Lucyna Nyka (representative of the Gdansk University of Technology), Dr. hab. Klaudiusz Floss (representative of the Silesian University of Technology), Beata Dunajewska (representative of the Gdansk City Council), Paulina Borysewicz (representative of the City Architect's Office), Michał Tusk (representative of the City Transport Authority), Krzysztof Koprowski (representative of the Upper Wrzeszcz District Council),Paweł Krzemień (coordinator of revitalization projects) and Aldona Remelska (representative of the Organizer) selected three projects out of thirteen submitted. The winning vision will become the main architectural guideline for the development of design documentation for the Red Guitars Square area.

The first prize was awarded to the Saneccy studio from Krakow, the second to the team from Gliwice, consisting of: Michal Stangel, Agata Golesna, Michal Galuszka, Patryk Prychodko and Krzysztof Rostanski, and an honorable mention to the team from Tricity consisting of: Ewa Ostrowicka, Anna Kaminska, Szymon Kulikowski, Paulina Kwiatkowska and Tomasz Marek.

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