Results of the competition for the development of an urban and architectural concept for the Maria Konopnicka Public Library in Suwałki

results of the competition

September 2022


City of Suwałki




A one-stage limited competition for the development of an urban-architectural concept for the Suwałki Public Library, together with the development of the area between Bulwarowa St. has been resolved. M. Reja, ks. S.Szczęsnowicza and Gen. K. Pułaski.

The task facing the participants was to create a place that will provide residents with increased access to library materials, cultural goods, heritage, educational and social ventures, but also increase the attractiveness and aesthetics of the area by creating a city park around the building. In addition to the library section, the facility is planned to include an exhibition area, a multimedia reading room, a room for organizing events, numerous studios, including a film studio, an art room, a collection preservation room, storage rooms and a retail space with a café.

Three works were submitted for the competition. The competition court, composed of: Malgorzata Włoskowska (chairwoman of the court, city architect), Katarzyna Jablonska, Justyna Wollegiewicz, Wojciech Poplawski, Tomasz Rogala, Aleksander Bielski, Maria Kolodziejska (Director of the Suwałki Public Library), Agnieszka Domalewska (Head of the Cultural Department of the Suwałki City Hall) and Anna Ceckowska (Secretary of the Competition Court) awarded two prizes - first and third.

The first prize was awarded to the consortium of Łódź-based studios DOMAGAŁO WNUK ARCHITEKCI Małgorzata Domagało-Wnuk and DWA architektura i urbanistyka Jacek Wnuk, while the third prize was awarded to Atelier ZETTA Zenon Zabagło.

The realization of the nearly 3,000-sqm facility depends on the allocation of EU funds for this purpose for 2021-2027.

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