Results of the competition to develop a concept for the Family Activity Park in Wawer district

results of the competition

September 2022


Capital City of Warsaw, Wawer District




The competition for the architectural concept of the Family Activity Park in the Wawer district, organized by the City of Warsaw and the Wawer district, has been resolved.

The purpose of the competition was to select a design for a park that will serve as a modern place for activity and integration of local residents. This park, according to the organizers' assumptions, is to complement the sports and recreational offer of the district, and at the same time be a new, recognizable place with a program and equipment unique in Wawer.

The competition court composed of:

  • Piotr Żabicki - Chairman of the Court, architect
  • Katarzyna Rokicka-Muller - Referee, architect
  • Leszek Baraniewski - Deputy Mayor of Wawer District
  • Teresa Zduńczyk - Head of the Department of Architecture
  • Szymon Pulcyn - Head of the Development and Communications Department of the Wawer District Office
  • Magdalena Jędraszko-Macukow - Head of the City Landscape Protection Department, Office of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Przemysław Kokot - architect
  • Urszula Forczek-Brataniec - landscape architect

The vote has already been cast

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