Results of the competition for the architectural concept of the Kulturoteka building in the Stara Miłosna housing estate in the Wesoła district of Warsaw.

results of the competition

July 2022


Capital City of Warsaw, Wesoła District




On July 8, 2022, we learned the results of a competition to develop an architectural concept for a Kulturoteka building in the Stara Miłosna estate in the Wesoła district of the city of Warsaw on Jana Pawła II Street.

The one-stage, limited competition was organized by the Wesoła District authorities, and the challenge was to design a three-story Kulturoteka building in the Stara Miłosna estate, which will house a Cultural Center and Library with a usable area of about 2,200 square meters, as well as landscaping.

The building was to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities with the use of an induction loop.
The community center and the library should have independent entrances to allow one facility to operate when the other is closed.
Technical rooms had to be designed, including boiler rooms, electrical switchboards, and separate electrical, water, gas and ventilation systems for both establishments.

The auditorium and lending rooms in the library should be air-conditioned. The project area should include space for outdoor events (artistic and recreational), along with a covered stage for artistic performances.

The area of Kulturoteka should be fenced in such a way as to ensure that the school area is completely enclosed - safety considerations for students.

The maximum planned total cost of the works, implemented on the basis of the winning work
competition was not to exceed PLN 15 million gross.

The evaluation of the competition works was carried out by the jury consisting of:

  • Magdalena Pios - architect, chairman of the court,
  • Artur Jóźwik - director of the Office of Culture,
  • Grzegorz Ciosek - architect, referee,
  • Kamila Zakrzewska - architect, chief specialist in the investment and line affairs team,
  • Karolina Baranowska - head of the Department of Promotion, Culture and Sports for the Wesoła District,
  • Anna Dąbrowska - head of the Department of Architecture and Construction for Wesoła District,
  • Dorota Gajewska - head of the Organizational Department for Wesoła District,
  • Marek Konopka - chief specialist in the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning,
  • Beata Stachelek - chief specialist in the Department of Infrastructure for the Wesoła District.

The Competition Jury decided to award the First Prize of PLN 25,000 gross and an invitation to negotiate on a sole-source basis to the XYstudio studio .

No Second Prize was awarded in the competition, while the plus3 architekci studio received the Third Prize of PLN 15 thousand gross.

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