Competition for the development of an urban-architectural concept for the development of the area of Wladyslaw Reymont Square in Zlotorya

results of the competition

July 2021


Municipality of Zlotoryja




An architectural competition to develop an urban planning and architectural concept for the development of the area of Wladyslaw Reymont Square in Zlotorya has been settled.

The competition aimed to develop the best urban-architectural concept for the development of a part of the public area in terms of composition-spatial and functional-utility, in the historical, cultural and social context of the city. The development of the area is to allow maximum use of the area as a multifunctional public space with high aesthetic standards.

The competition jury awarded three prizes. According to the jury members, the best concept was proposed by the team consisting of: Michal Galuszka, Agata Golesna, Julia Nikodem, Szymon Opania, Patryk Prychodko. The project received the highest number of points in the competition, 179. The work was best evaluated in all respects - both architectural, urban planning, utility and aesthetic qualities, as well as the functionality of the solutions, their reality and quality, as well as the originality of the design and innovation of specific elements. The architects proposed replacing the parking lot with greenery and more space for recreational meetings for residents.

The winning team notes that
the inspiration for the entire concept was a popular activity in Zlotorya - gold panning.

Take a look at the gallery of the awarded works.

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