Results of the competition for the design of a building for homeless cats in the Warsaw shelter "Na Paluchu"

results of the competition

October 2022


city of Warsaw



On October 28 this year, a competition for the design of an architectural concept of a pavilion for cats (along with a concept of land development) operating within the "Na Paluchu" shelter for homeless animals located in Warsaw's Wawer district was settled. This place, according to the assumptions of the organizers, is to be a safe space for the shelter's charges, where they will receive care and necessary treatment.
The competition regulations emphasized that the concept should be characterized by high architectural quality, be a compromise between the adopted budget and the use of innovative solutions, including those relating to energy efficiency. The submitted proposals for facilities had to include, among other things: a public part with an entrance hall, reception and education room, an administrative part, and a specialized part, to which access will be limited - with an animal reception area and space for healthy cats, rooms for quarantine, a hospital with veterinary offices and a laboratory.
The competition jury, chaired by Marta Sekulska-Wronska (OW SARP) and composed of: Magdalena Młochowska (Green Warsaw Coordinating Director), Magdalena Jędraszko-Macukow (Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning), Kamil Miklaszewski (OW SARP, Referee), Marek Mikos (Stołeczny Zarząd Rozbudowy Miasta), Patrycja Stawiarz (Office of Environmental Protection), Henryk Strzelczyk (Shelter on Paluch), Bartosz Lewandowski (Assistant Referee, non-voting) awarded a total of four prizes.

First Prize was won by the proposal of Piotr Glowacki, Second Prize was awarded to the Kwadratura studio, and two equal Third Prizes went to - Andrzej Jurkiewicz and the team consisting of: Stanislaw Ignaciuk, Krzysztof Kamienobrodzki, Zofia Stachura, Olga Leksinska.

First Prize

Piotr Glowacki

II Prize


Third Prize (ex aequo)

Andrzej Jurkiewicz

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