Results of Ruukki's architectural competition "The Unbelievable Challenge 2021" for the design of a snow museum in Rovaniemi

results of the competition

December 2021


Ruukki Construction




On December 10, the results of "The Unbelievable Challenge 2021" competition for students and young architects to design a snow museum in Rovaniemi, Finland were announced. The task was set by Santa Claus himself, who lives near Rovaniemi and who is also concerned about climate change and the disappearance of snow.

The contest was organized by Ruukki in cooperation with the city of Rovaniemi and architectural studios Snøhetta and WXCA.

The purpose of the contest was to draw attention to the ongoing climate change, and to gather unique, creative ideas and solutions for the snow museum. The fairy tale sponsor of the contest was Santa Claus looking for the best sustainable solution that would simultaneously contribute to the revitalization of the area where he lives. The contest entry had to use Ruukki steel products, and was also judged on recyclability and reusability. The choice of the winner was also influenced by the inspiring and coherent presentation of the idea.

In evaluating the submissions, the jury stressed the importance of the "overall idea" and holistic approach that best met the competition's objectives.

The entries submitted to the competition were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Eli Synnevåg - Snöhetta,
  • Marta Sękulska-Wrońska - WXCA,
  • Alexandru Oprita - architect and winner of the competition in 2014,
  • Sipi Hintsanen - representative of the city of Rovaniemi,
  • Janis Zaharans - Ruukki
  • Santa Claus.

A total of 18 entries were received for The Unbelievable Challenge 2021, from which the jury selected five finalists. All finalists received a cash prize of €1,000.

TheGrand Prize and a six-month fully paid internship at the WXCA studio in Warsaw was awarded to Hanna Galas, author of the "Re-Ice" project.

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