Competition "Your home - a dialogue with tradition", Silesian province

results of the competition

October 2021


National Heritage Institute, SARP Katowice Branch

Organized by the National Heritage Institute and the Katowice branch of SARP, the national architectural competition "Your Home - Dialogue with Tradition" had Silesia as its theme. This competition was the first in the series, the next editions concern the architecture of the Podlasie and Warmian-Masurian provinces.
The competition task, which was set for architects and architecture students, was to develop an architectural and construction design of a detached single-family house, a ready-made design, i.e. intended for multiple use, which would fit into the traditional rural cultural landscape of the Silesian province.
The goal of the competition was to find new patterns of single-family housing that would continue the best traditions of rural and suburban construction. Also a plus in the eyes of the Competition Jury was the project's inclusion in the philosophy of the European Green Deal.
The jury, chaired by Piotr Lewicki and composed of Iwona Liżewska (National Heritage Institute), Agnieszka Olczyk (National Heritage Institute), arch. Joanna Porębska (National Heritage Institute), Irena Kontny (Wojciech Korfanty Institute of Polish Thought), Łukasz Konarzewski (Silesian Voivodship Conservator of Monuments), arch. Mikołaj Machulik (SARP Katowice, SLOIA RP), arch. Hubert Wąsek (SARP Częstochowa, MPOIA RP, referee), arch. Diter Paleta (SARP Katowice, SLOIA RP, referee) and arch. Wojciech Małecki (SARP Katowice, SLOIA RP, referee) awarded three prizes in the student category, and four prizes and five honorable mentions in the professional category.
In the student category, the winner was the project of the duo Antoni Foltyn and Dominika Bodetko, and in the professional category the proposal of the team composed of: Adam Stafiniak, Tomasz Węgrzyn, Weronika Bednarska, Kamila Korgol and Jacek Młynarczyk.

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