Results of the 9th edition of the IARP Shaping the Space competition

results of the competition

June 2022


Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, Association of Polish Architects




We have learned the results of the 9th edition of the competition for young people organized by the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the Association of Polish Archite cts, held as part of the Shaping Space educational program. In this year's edition, whose slogan was: "My city - unusual things happen here," young participants were tasked with playing the role of guides to their localities - to show what cannot be found in promotional materials, to talk about their favorite corners, buildings, sights, people and local traditions.

The works were judged by a jury chaired by Anna Kulinskaya (IARP Subcommittee for General Architectural Education) and composed of: Ewa Szymańska-Sułkowska (Referee, IARP Subcommittee for General Architectural Education), Jerzy Grochulski (SARP), Beata Bauer (NID), Katarzyna Domagalska (NIAiU), Agnieszka Bebłowska-Bednarkiewicz (NCK), Bogumiła Olkowska (MKiDN), Monika Kmera (PLGBC), Barbara Górska and Elżbieta Solewska (FAKRO), Joanna Jaskułowska (Competition Secretary) and Katarzyna Roszkowska (Competition Secretary) in two age categories: elementary schools (grades 6-8) and secondary schools.

In the category for elementary school students, thefirst prize went to Oliwia Stasiuk, the second place was awarded ex aequo to Antoni Gugule and the team composed of Lucja Bartkowiak, Helena Krawczuk, Franciszek Dzikoński and Franciszek Jaworski. Third prizes were awarded to: Kacper Krukowski, Agata Mendel, Aleksandra Szwaczko and Kacper Snopek, and the team consisting of: Kacper Pankanin, Damian Dudek, Kacper Tunski, Jakub Kwiatkowski. Honorable mention went to the team composed of: Marta Chwastek, Dominika Zaczyk, Mario Sabino, Tomasz Slomka and Piotr Nowak.

In the category for high school students, no second prize was awarded. According to the jury, one of the works uniquely captured the essence of the assigned topic, thus running ahead of the other works. The first prize went to the project of Zuzanna Kwasniewskaya. Third place ex aequo went to three projects: the team consisting of: Nadja Tyszynska, Amelia Monkielewicz, Hanna Zaręba, Beniamin Rogowski, the duo Luiza Gross and Weronika Popowska, and the proposal of Maja Suraj. Honorable mentions went to the team composed of Beata Blaszczyk, Natalia Derdej, Aleksandra Dębowska, Dominika Garbala, Antonina Rygielska and Wiktor Cebulski.

The winners received prizes in kind, and the schools and educational institutions represented by each winner received cash prizes. The prize pool for the competition was 20 thousand zlotys.

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