Results of the second competition for the development of a concept for the foundation of the monument to Gabriel Narutowicz and the development of its surroundings in Narutowicz Square.

results of the competition

December 2022


Capital City of Warsaw




In mid-December 2022 we learned the results of the second competition to determine the best architectural or architectural-sculptural concept for the foundation of the Gabriel Narutowicz monument unveiled in December 2002 and the development of its surroundings in Narutowicz Square in Warsaw.

The first competition decided[results here] in March this year was cancelled. The reason was that the value of the contract specified in the competition regulations, as presented by the competition winner at the negotiation stage, was significantly exceeded.

Nine works were submitted to the competition, and their evaluation was carried out by a jury consisting of:

  • Renata Kaznowska - Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw.
  • arch. Wojciech Wagner - deputy director of the city Bureau of Architecture,
  • arch. Katarzyna Trojnacka-Zając - Department of Architecture and Construction for the Ochota District,
  • Hanna Wróblewska - art critic,
  • Paulina Sikorska - urban planner,
  • Marek Wach - Capital City Development Authority,
  • Mirosław Gajdak - Board of Greenery of the Capital City of Warsaw,
  • Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska - Warsaw City Council,
  • Piotr Żbikowski - council of the city of Warsaw,
  • arch. Ewa Tolwińska - Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning,
  • arch. Maria Dydek - referee, Office of the Capital Conservator of Monuments,
  • Paweł Wroński - referee, Capital City Development Authority.

The jury decided to award the 1st Prize in the amount of PLN 25 thousand to the work by Jozef Galazka and Ursula Prokop from Warsaw.

Second Prize in the amount of PLN 15 thousand was not awarded.

Third Prize in the amount of PLN 10 thousand was awarded to the project byMagdalena Jeleńska and Malgorzata Mizielinska from Warsaw.

The jury decided to award a distinction in the amount of PLN 5 thousand to the project by Helena Kulak-Świerblewska, Jakub Capa and Katarzyna Ferster.

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