"Images of Architecture. Space Form Idea"

results of the competition

June 2021


Institute of Interior Design and Industrial Design of the Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology




In June this year we learned the results of the student competition for architectural graphic design "Images of Architecture. Space Form Idea", organized by the Institute of Interior Design and Industrial Design of the Faculty of Technology of Poznan University of Technology.

The subject of the competition was an artistic graphic work depicting an architectural design or a fragment of it made in digital or hand techniques developed digitally. The competition was held in two stages.

"Architectural graphics is an important form of expression about contemporary architecture. Very often it is a part of building the concept of a building contributing to decisions on the formation of forms and colors. Settlement of the international student competition for architectural graphics "Images of architecture. Space, form, idea" took place after hours of jury deliberations. The high level of the submitted works was undeniable," the competition summary reads.

A total of 92 graphics inspired by the author's designs and developed digitally were submitted to the competition. The jury selected 14 finalists from among them. The works nominated in the first stage of the competition were published in an online gallery of finalists and voted on by the public. The jury awarded two prizes. The first went to Adrian Matuszewski of the Cracow University of Technology.

The jury was composed of:

Chair: prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Agata Bonenberg


Dr. hab. inż. arch. Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipińska, Dean of WAPP, independent expert
Prof. Marco Lucchini, architect, independent expert
dr. hab. Joanna Stefańska, artist, independent expert
M.Sc. arch. Ewa Angoneze-Grela, independent expert

Secretary: Magdalena Tyranowska, M.Sc.

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