Vectorworks Design Prize 2022 results

results of the competition

December 2022






The results of the international design competition for theVectorworks Design Prize scholarship and the Richard Diehl Prize for female students of architecture, interior and landscape architecture and stage techniques were announced in early December 2022.

To participate in the competition, one had to submit a recently completed work.

The competition consisted of two stages. In the first stage, the organizers selected four projects (at the national level), one from each region—Benelux, France, Poland. These concepts automatically advanced to the next stage, where the Richard Diehl Prize of $9,000 was awarded.

The submitted works were evaluated by an international jury of dozens of members. From Poland these were:

  • Bohdan Biś Lisowski—president of SARP (2019-2022),
  • Dagmara Brzezinska—Design Express Poland,
  • Jacek Chojczak—Green Beam Design,
  • Paulina Fiodorow—Small Great Design,
  • Wojciech Januszczyk—Landscapes Foundation.

The complete list of the jury can be found here[link].

Each of the prizes of the first stage was $1,000 USD, the winners also received software and training for their schools.

In the Architecture category, the winner was Ildut Lesteven of ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine, France, with his work "Work and Life in Symbiosis."

In the Interior Architecture category, Jannie Dircks of Jan Des Bouvrie Academy of the Netherlands won with her project "Het Snuitje Agricultural Child Care Center."

In the Landscape Architecture category, the Grand Prize went to Marta Szar of Tadeusz Kosciuszko University of Technology in Krakow, author of the work "Rain Park." The project by Tomasz Jaróg and Marta Szar—"Fortress Park"—also qualified for the finals in this category.

The final category was Performing Arts, which was won by Pierre Pino from the Gabriel Guisthau School of France with his project "Théâtre Francine Vasse."

The Richard Diehl Prize was awarded to Michelle Wanitzek of the Faculty of Design Wismar, Germany, for her thesis "Nomad Coworking."

Award in the Architecture category

Ildut Lesteven

Award in the Interior Architecture category.

Jannie Dircks

Award in the Landscape Architecture category

Marta Szar

Finalists in the Landscape Architecture category

Tomasz Jaróg and Marta Szar

Award in the category of Performing Arts

Pierre Pino

Richard Diehl Award

Michelle Wanitzek

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