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How to save the world with design? Online discussion

16 of June '20

If you have been wondering if and how design can save the world, you are invited to an online discussion organized by Gothe Institut. The event will feature Van Bo-Le Mentzel, Jakub Szczęsny and Aleksandra Kędziorek.

The Bauhaus 100 years ago formulated and in part realized the utopian promise of shaping society. The current crisis, the ecological and social catastrophes caused by destructive human activity again confronts designers, architects with the challenge of effectively co-shaping the future and reinventing the world. How to accomplish this?

online discussion

The discussion streamed on FB Goethe Institut will be held in English and will be hosted by:

  • Van Bo-Le Mentzel - architect working in Berlin, designer of economical furniture and houses according to the motto "to construct, not to consume",
  • Jakub Szczęsny - architect working at the intersection of architecture, urban intervention and art in public space, creator of the Keret House, among others,
  • Aleksandra Kędziorek - curator, critic, art and architecture historian.

The event is held as part of an online series entitled. "the whole world is Bauhaus?"


  • date: June 25 this year at 6 pm
  • place: online event

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