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Julia Rawerska - "Design of an apartment for a family with two children - a modern loft in a 19th century linen spinning mill".

22 of May '23
Technical data
Type: engineering thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Author: Julia Rawerska
University: Higher School of Ecology and Management in Warsaw, major: Interior Design.

Jolanta Kapecka-Walczak

The goal of the work was to create an apartment for a family of four: a married couple and seven-year-old twins. Activities included dividing the loft space according to the needs of the users and conservation permits—since the building, as part of the factory settlement, belongs to the monuments of Zyrardow.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, salon

design of a modern loft, living room

© Julia Rawerska

The design had to include furnishings and a choice of finishing materials that would create a cohesive whole and relate to the industrial character of the city. The parents are active professionals, one of them runs his own business, so the apartment included space for work.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, rzut w kolorze

design of a modern loft, projection in color

© Julia Rawerska

A new spatial layout was designed. Initially, the interior was divided into three zones, with an additional mezzanine floor near the entrance. The middle part consisted of three rooms: A toilet, a bathroom and a room. The location of the stairs leading to the mezzanine visually reduced the space, and the current layout of the walls made it impossible to meet the needs of the householders.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, część dzienna

design of a modern loft, living area

© Julia Rawerska

It was decided to leave the developer's division of the apartment into three zones. The location of some rooms was changed and additional rooms were designed so that the apartment would provide the best possible comfort. The main goal was to separate all relevant rooms while maintaining the spaciousness of the interior, which characterizes the loft style.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, makieta

design of a modern loft, mockup

© Julia Rawerska

The first part of the apartment includes an entrance area, a toilet, a kitchen with a pantry and a dining room, as well as a spacious, representative living room. The staircase leading to the mezzanine was moved against the wall, so as to optically enlarge the space and create additional rooms. By designing additional walls and obscuring the entrance area, the interior gained intimacy.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, sypialnia na antresoli

mezzanine bedroom

© Julia Rawerska

Above is a glass-enclosed mezzanine with a bedroom. In another part of the loft there is a second bathroom, and an additional utility room has been planned. In the middle part of the apartment, a study is planned, which, thanks to its adequate square footage and the availability of daylight, is an ideal place to work. The last part of the apartment is a children's room with a mezzanine, which separates the living and sleeping areas.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, przekrój

cross section

© Julia Rawerska

Already at the concept stage, the interior was supposed to refer in its style to the industrial character of the city, so the selection of artistic elements and solutions began with an analysis of the colors, materials and the way they were combined at the time. It was decided which of them would find their way into a contemporary interior based on new technological solutions and in what form they would appear. The materials used in the building were studied, as one of the assumptions was to leave as many existing elements of the space's finishes as possible.

Pokój do pracy Pokój dziecięcy

work room and children's room

© Julia Rawerska

The apartment creates a consistent color scheme, whose base materials are concrete, microcement and brick, while colors in gray, white and black also appear. The whole is complemented by color accents in the form of red and dark green.

Projekt nowoczesnego loftu, przekrój

design of a modern loft, cross-section

© Julia Rawerska

The main design concept was to maintain a seamless transition of materials, forms and divisions between adjacent walls, so that despite the minimalist finish, the interior caught the eye. To give coziness and honor the character of the place, it was decided to use linen curtains and a decoration in the form of a painting on linen canvas by Polish author Iwona Bilska.


Illustrations: © Author

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