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Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk - "Virtual escape room inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt".

Dobrawa Bies
06 of October '21
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Name: "Virtual escape room inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt".
Author: Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych we Wrocławiu, Faculty of Interior Design, Design and Scenography

Prof. Dr. Dariusz Grzybowicz

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2020/2022".

The topic of the thesis, to go beyond the canons of contemporary interior design diplomas, is to create a concept of virtual stage design. The foundations of the project were to become two fields that are different from each other - technology and art. It might have seemed that they would not be able to penetrate each other and blur their boundaries. However, modernity has shown that new tools can be used to create, and they also open up another avenue for reaching potential audiences.

Art, despite its conservative nature, is quite flexible in adapting to reality. After all, back in the early 20th century, under the slogan "Art and Technology. A New Unity," one of the most famous art and craft colleges in the world - the Bauhaus- was founded. It was at this time that technological development coexisting with art was initiated. Screen printing, airbrushing began to be used, and attention was drawn to the power of radio, television, video and now the Internet.

Scenografia odnosi
się do twórczości Gustawa Klimta

Virtual scenography refers to the work of Gustav Klimt

© Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk

All these factors influenced the decision to try to link the present with history - literally and figuratively. Combining current modes of entertainment that have developed thanks to modern technology (computer games, city games or puzzle rooms), a virtual escape room project inspired by the work and life of the Art Nouveau master Gustav Klimt was created.

The virtual room was named "Golden Youth," a reference to both an important period in the artist's life and the German magazine "Junged" ("Youth"), in which the first references to Art Nouveau appeared. Due to the virtual nature of the project, the game has no defined location.

„Wirtualny escape
room inspirowany twórczością Gustava Klimta”, widoki pięter

The escape room is divided into three parts

© Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk

Escape room is divided into three zones. The first is an introductory part, working on the principle of a psychological lock, with metal glowing triangles. Another leads to a space with a crystal tree, a panel with hieroglyphs and a teleport that takes you to the final stage of the game. The final zone contains a multicolored organic ring acting as a second teleport, a maze of luminous tubes with levitating cubes, and (located in the central area) a "snake-oil" hiding an object that allows you to get out of the virtual room.

wprowadzająca do escape roomu

introductory part of the escape room

© Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk

Theset design includes created linear puzzles, which step by step lead to the last element - the key that ends the game. The interactive tasks were designed in a way compatible with the room's decor. Each object has been modeled in two versions: before the start of the puzzle and after its completion.

Druga i trzecia
część escape roomu z teleportami

The second and third parts of the escape room with teleports

© Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk

Modern computer games are based on colorful, out-of-the-box graphics, allowing to discover new forms and spaces, so the objects create abstract forms, more characteristic these days. The idea for their final appearance was determined by the analysis of motifs, patterns, symbols and ornaments used by Gustav Klimt in his works during the search process. The multicolored structure refers not only to the artist's golden period, but also to lesser-known works, giving them a new meaning. Klimt's background decorativeness made it possible to create a space with many elements building up the surroundings. The works were hand-painted in graphics programs during post-production to add softness and plasticity.

i lewitujące sześciany

"serpentine" and levitating cubes

© Klaudia Wawrzyńczyk

The ideas that guided the Art Nouveau master led to the creation of works that are known around the world. The conviction that every time has its art, and that art must be free, guiding the Vienna Secession Association, also became important for virtual work, free from the imposed restrictions and interior trends of the present time.


Illustrations: © Author

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