Can a micro-apartment be decorated well?

22 of September '22

Three micro-apartments have been created from a 53-meter apartment in a more than 100-year-old building in Gdansk. Each apartment has a different square meterage and is decorated in a different style.

Maximum use of space

The smallest of the apartments is 9 sqm. However, the interior is as high as 3 meters. So this was taken advantage of by using a mezzanine floor. As a result, the area of the apartment was doubled to 18 meters. This was achieved by extending the bedroom into the exterior corridor. In the common area, the ceiling was lowered, and the alcove thus created was added to the bedroom in the smallest apartment. Of course, everything was properly soundproofed and insulated. All the furniture in each room was created to measure. Komandor Pomorze Branch is responsible for the project. In the smallest apartment it is worth noting the L-type kitchen development. The work space is large enough for one person for daily kitchen work. A nice touch is the wine storage - in the part of the built-in cabinets closest to the window, where storing other things would be more difficult. A similar patent was applied to the bar in one of the larger apartments.

Najmniejsze mieszkanie

The smallest apartment

Photo: Michal Bidziuch

Clever solutions

Moving the bedroom to a mezzanine also in the rest of the apartments resulted in 24 and 25 meters of space, respectively, from the base 17 m2 and 18 m2. Such a meterage requires creativity and a fair amount of imagination. The important thing is that if a micro-apartment is to be a living space, such an interior cannot lack any of the elements of the apartments of a larger dimension. During the renovation, the brick walls and wooden joists under the ceiling were exposed. They were not hidden, but preserved and protected to be an aesthetic distinguishing feature of the interiors. In the two larger apartments, a comfortable staircase leads to the mezzanine. They were made of built-ins, so they serve both as an entrance to the top and as a capacious closet. Locating LED backlighting under the steps allowed additional ambient lighting to be introduced into the apartment.

Sypialnie przeniesiono na antresole

Bedrooms were moved to mezzanines

Photo: Michal Bidziuch

Saving space

Sliding closets are especially recommended for small interiors. This is because they do not take up additional space when they are open. Thanks to sliding systems, it was possible to arrange additional mini-wardrobes in mezzanine bedrooms. Open closets were used only in the smallest apartment, so as not to optically diminish the interior. In all bathrooms there was a shower cubicle, a toilet, a capacious built-in cabinet with drawers under the sink and an overhead cabinet with a mirror. The drawers use slides with the Push To Open system - opened by touch. As a result, no handles protrude, which is extremely important in small rooms.

Minigarderoba na antresoli

Mini-wardrobe on a mezzanine floor

Photo: Michal Bidziuch

Common parts

Shared in the apartment are only the laundry room equipped with a washing machine and dryer located in a custom built-in located in the corridor, and the relaxation area located in the basement. The 14-square-meter room contains a sofa, a bar and a table with foosball.

- We have taken great care to ensure that each apartment is a fully self-contained, comfortable unit. All three micro-apartments have their own meters, private bathrooms and sewage risers. Adequate air circulation is important in a small space, so we made sure the ventilation risers were separate, and equipped the windows with ventilators. The doors to the apartments are soundproofed, and the new walls are thick. This ensures the comfort of each resident," the developer stresses.

Strefa relaksu urządzona została w piwnicy

The relaxation zone was arranged in the basement

Photo: Michal Bidziuch

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Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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