Dospel air handling units

Dospel air handling units

The task of each air handling unit is to bring in fresh air from the outside and exhaust used air from the premises, while recovering thermal energy.

Centrala FENIX

FENIX air handling unit

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In addition, with recuperative air handling units, air is mechanically forced to circulate when ventilating the rooms, as well as recovering heat along with filtering the supply air from outside. Thus, air handling units provide us with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, and heat recovery from the exhausted air significantly reduces the cost of heating the building.

With more than 50 years of experience in ventilation,all air handling units by Dospel/BERLÜF are classified in energy group A and have an 8-year warranty. In addition, the air handling units are manufactured in Poland and are based on Polish electronics.

Luna, Spartan, Selen

Luna, Spartan, Selen II

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Differences between air handling units and equipment

Most of the AHUs have as standard a cross-flow counter-current heat exchanger, an automatic by-pass to ensure efficient cooling in summer, high-quality filters, highly efficient and energy-saving EC fans, a control system with a wall-mounted panel, a condensate drainage system and anti-freeze protection. However, each air handling unit has its own unique features, so even the most demanding customers are sure to find something for themselves.

Luna Eco has the most important parameters with high efficiency and an economical price.

The Prauzer BERLÜF air handling unit is equipped with a coating of silver nanoparticles, which minimizes the chances of microbial growth inside the recuperator. Such a solution translates into the quality of the air in the ventilated rooms, thus ensuring long-term use while maintaining unchanged properties. In addition,Prauzer BERLÜF has an adjustable base for easy leveling.

On the other hand, the Spartan BERLÜF air handling unit, by its small size, is our thinnest air handling unit on the market, as it is only 20 cm high. So it works perfectly in rooms where the capacity of 220 m3/h is sufficient. Spartan BERLÜF can be installed in small spaces, such as suspended ceilings and other such enclosures.
The Selen II BERLÜF is equipped with a very large bypass space, which puts it among the most efficient on the market.

Centrale wentylacyjne

Air handling units

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Dospel's best air handling unit

At the top of our air handling units is Fenix, the technology of the future, which with its six-level filtration becomes the number one air handling unit on the market. Such a multitude of filters is something that has not yet been seen in the world.

Fenix has a G3-class PE filter, UV filter, ozonator, G4-class polyester fleece, HEPA filter and carbon filter. Dospel, as a leader in ventilation and recuperation, has spent a lot of time on research dedicated to technological solutions for air purification.

This was quite a challenge, given the degree of its pollution on our planet. The result of the research was the Fenix air handling unit.

For more information, visit the company's DOSPEL Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.