TESTO measurement technology for the HVAC&R industry. Unrivaled SMART measurement solutions

For more than 60 years, Testo has introduced a range of innovative solutions that make every installer's daily work easier. Years of practice and close cooperation with users have ensured that Testo devices and their range of applications meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Przyrządy HVAC-R

HVAC-R instruments


Schiessl Polska, as a distributor of TESTO measuring instruments, assists in the selection of suitable measuring devices in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sectors.

Measurement technology in refrigeration becomes simpler

With Testo measuring instruments, ease of use goes hand in hand with maximum precision. All Testo devices can be connected wirelessly and operate fully automatically. The innovative instruments are designed for all measurement tasks in refrigeration, making the installer's job simpler and more efficient.

Elektroniczna oprawa zaworowa testo 550s

Testo 550s electronic valve luminaire


  • Easy refrigeration system adjustment: by wirelessly connecting the testo 570s, 557s, 550s and 550i electronic valve luminaires, SmartSondes for vacuum, temperature and humidity measurement and the Testo Smart App mobile app.
  • Refrigeration system filling - more convenient than ever with the wireless cooperation of the new testo 560i refrigerant scale and the smart valve - for automatic system filling according to refrigerant weight/heat/cooling.
  • Draining refrigeration systems - easy, wireless cooperation of the testo 552i SmartSonde for vacuum measurement with the testo Smart App mobile app - without additional wires and hoses.

Elektroniczna waga do czynników chłodniczych testo 560i

Electronic refrigerant scale testo 560i


Professional performance measurement of air conditioning and ventilation systems

Compact measuring instruments from Testo, deliver precise results wherever you need them - quickly and precisely, they are also easy to use and can be connected to smartphones or tablets. Whether you're installing and maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems, ensuring indoor air quality and comfort, measuring pressure in industrial applications - the global leader in measurement technology has the right measuring instrument for everyone.

Anemometr wiatraczkowy testo 417 z rękawem pomiarowym

Testo 417 wind anemometer with measuring sleeve


  • The compact testo 417 windmill anemometer, with a 100 mm diameter probe, was developed to make measuring at air inlets and outlets in air conditioning and ventilation systems as easy as possible. With the testo 417 kit including a measuring sleeve and a stream straightener, measurements are made simply and accurately. In addition, in combination with the testo Smart App, configuration, display (also as a second screen), and storage and documentation of measured values are done quickly and without complications.
  • The testo 440 multifunction meter is a compact, multifunction measuring instrument with an intuitive menu and a wide selection of probes (ordered separately) for measuring flow velocity and indoor air quality. 3 probes can be connected to the meter simultaneously: a Bluetooth probe, a wired probe and a temperature sensor with a K-type thermocouple connector. The instrument automatically detects the connected probes, and the clear measurement menu guarantees simple operation and facilitates daily work.
  • Testo 420 balometer for measuring air flow rate, temperature and humidity at grilles and anemostats - extremely lightweight, has interchangeable measuring sleeves, the mobile application guarantees convenient operation and allows you to meet the guidelines and standards for air quality in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Detektor czynników chłodniczych testo 316-3

Testo 316-3 refrigerant detector


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