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Spa Park in Ciężkowice - another tourist attraction near Tarnów. It is to help the city obtain the status of a health resort

29 of June '21

A new spa complex has opened near Tarnów, in Ciężkowice, which has a chance to become a popular tourist attraction on the map of Malopolska. It is the Spa Park, a place that advertises itself as conducive to relaxation and regeneration with sulfide waters. The investment cost nearly 23 million. What does it offer?

We have another Spa Park in Poland. This time in Ciężkowice near Tarnów, which is famous for other tourist attractions: including the Witches' House and the Petrified City. The new investment is expected to help the town gain the status of a health resort.

The complex, which opened on June 25, quickly attracted tourists with the attractions it offers. On a plot measuring more than 8 hectares, water gardens, an outdoor gym, brine graduation towers or a sensory garden have been designed. There are also walking paths and wooden footbridges, as well as attractions for children.

The park itself covers an area of about 6.5 hectares

© Malopolska Voivodship Office in Cracow

Ciężkowice is famous, among other things, for its numerous sulfide waters (intake in Rakutowa or Polichy), the properties of which can be used, among others, in the newly opened Spa Park. However, specialists stress that the state of local waters in the current intakes is too small to meet the needs of thousands of visitors. That's why it was decided to apply Rev. Sebastian Kneipp's therapy concept to the park. His therapeutic system is based on hydrotherapy(water therapy), kinesitherapy(exercise), dietetics, phytotherapy(treatment with herbs) and order therapy. This is what the Spa Park now boasts.

PLN 23 million, 8.6 hectares

Construction of the park took almost two years and cost PLN 23 million. The project was created in 2018 at the request of the Ciężkowice City Council.
The plot of land on which the spa park was realized measures 8.6 hectares, while the park itself covers 6.5 hectares.

The park offers both outdoor and indoor attractions. The former can be used free of charge. The spa space will include hydrotherapy facilities, a network of alleys and footbridges in the forest, a sensory garden, an arboretum (dendrological garden), an alpinarium (a garden built from rocks and earth, along with mountainous plant arrangements), a heathland and an outdoor gym with a playground. The project is complemented by shelters, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, tourist information, parking spaces and small architecture.

Use of the park's outdoor attractions is free

© Malopolska Voivodship Office in Krakow

The design of the complex also included an increase in the number of parking spaces. The assumption has been realized - parking lots and parking spaces for more than 150 cars have been organized in the park.

another tourist attraction in the region

Already on the first weekend after opening, the park attracted interested parties. It happens to be located near other tourist attractions, including: Petrified City, Witches' Gorge or the market in Ciężkowice. It is no coincidence that the park was created in that very place. Tourists are supposed to have "on the way" to a place where they can relax and recuperate. The Ciężkowice local government also announces that such a location of the park gives the opportunity to organize a several-hour walking tour, which will combine the above-mentioned attractions.

The Spa Park is adjacent to other tourist attractions in the region, including: Witch's Gorge or Petrified City

© Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki w Krakowie

Ciężkowice is applying for the status of a spa town

The Ciężkowice municipality announces that the Spa Park is part of a larger investment that is to help the town in its efforts to obtain spa status. A Malopolska Environmental Education Center and a treetop path are also to be built next to it. Construction of the path is planned for next year. Currently, the Ciężkowice authorities cannot sign a contract with the contractor, because other companies participating in the tender appealed, and the local government must wait for a court decision on the matter.

Katarzyna Domagała

The vote has already been cast

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