Smart monitoring

23 of February '23

One of the biggest advantages of smart monitoring is that it allows us to check what is happening in our home, business, store or property in real time and from anywhere at any time, allowing us to react quickly enough.

In a surveillance system it is essential to have proven cameras that additionally provide detailed images with the possibility of playback on any mobile device, and this is what Reolink cameras offer us. They provide efficiency and functionality, and thanks to their high resolution the displayed image is very clear also at night. Not without significance is also their simple and intuitive operation. Reolink cameras also include a number of additional options to suit individual preferences and needs of the user, for example, a photo trap function or intelligent detection of people, vehicles and animals.


WIFI E1 ZOOM camera


When planning the installation of a surveillance system, we can choose different types of cameras depending on the existing infrastructure or stage of construction. The Reolink brand offers a choice of fully wireless rechargeable cameras, which can be recharged through the use of a solar panel. They do not require a power supply or network cable to be connected to the camera.




In case you have the possibility to connect electrical power, it is worth using Wi-Fi cameras. They can be used in places where there is no possibility of installing a network cable, but we have Wifi coverage. The surest way is to design the monitoring system before building the house, and here POE cameras will work best. They provide a stable and reliable connection between the DVR and the cameras. However, they require each camera to be wired into the DVR, and the transmission and power supply to the camera is carried out via a network cable.

Kamera akumulatorowa GO PT LTE z panelem solarnym

GO PT LTE rechargeable camera with solar panel


The most important feature of smart monitoring, however, is that we can use it at any time, even with a smartphone. It also gives the possibility in some cases to configure it in the SMART HOME system. It is not without significance here that this solution not only makes our lives more comfortable, but also significantly increases our sense of security.

Możliwość dwukierunkowej rozmowy

The possibility of two-way conversation


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